Milepost 122 — 11310 Hwy 12
Lewis County
Mail address: Box 427, Randle, WA 98377


1. Speed limit is 20 MPH. Go slower if raising excessive dust by livestock.
2. Careless driving is not accepted.
3. Dues and Assessment
Dues ($145) are due each July and are due within 60 days whether the property is used or not. After 60 days (September 1) there is a $40 late fee.
4. The RV dump is FREE to paid members.
5. It is illegal to shoot a gun or hunting weapon on the ranch for a non-protective purpose. Shooting to protect life, property, or pets may be permitted. The Board’s decision will be final in such cases. Illegal shooting will cost the offending owner $100 per incident.
6. Any hunting, or the killing, of a deer or elk in a non-accidental incident, will result in a $2500 assessment. No hunting is allowed anywhere on the Ranch. Carrying a hunting weapon during hunting season is considered hunting.
Any wounded animal that enters the Ranch is now state property. The hunter may not come onto the Ranch to retrieve it. See also State regulations and game warden (360-880-3146).
7. River Run Ranch is a fireworks-free zone. No fireworks of any kind or at any time.
8. No one is to push or ride the front gate.
9. There is to be no building of any structure other than an 12×14 storage shed without Lewis County or the Board’s approval.
10. No one is to enter another owner’s property without permission.
11. All owners will be expected to remove all Scotch Broom from their property.
12. All owners will be expected to remove all flood damaged property, vehicles and metal from their property or file an acceptable plan with the Board.
13. The Ranch is for recreational use only. No commercial activity is allowed.

14. See Association Policies for all policies and updates.

Dues are due each July and are considered late after September 1.
Send Dues to our Randle PO Box 427, Randle, WA 98377

Annual owners meeting – Second Saturday of June. Time and place to be announced.

Owners: We put out alerts and news bits and even an occasional newsletter by email.
You will only receive them if we have your email address. Send your email address and lot # to:


If you wish to make any improvements on you land or wish to build any buildings,
please review the regulations below prior to do any improvements.

Lewis County improvement regulations

Scotch Broom articles

Damaged or trashed RV disposal
People will remove RVs, etc. for free
at 1-360-270-7996 and 1-360-497-2017

The county’s site for CMZ information.

Upper Cowlitz Community Awareness Committee